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Facebook Review June 2018 from Ruthie Burrows

Mary initially saw me at a difficult period in my life... through a mix of techniques, Mary helped me to move forward, see more clearly and to change aspects of my life holding me back. She was professional yet personable - I thoroughly recommend Mary’s services!

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From Anxiety at work to Confidence at work - June 2018

I went to Mary for some BWRT for anxiety at work, and it has worked wonders! I realised through talking to Mary that the way I was feeling going into work wasn't helping me be productive, but I seemed to be stuck in this loop of thought. Mary explained how the brain worked, and we did the BWRT. My brain felt a little 'fuzzy' afterwards and I could tell something was happening. Lo and behold, next time I went into work I was remembering I felt all of those things before, but I couldn't access the feelings any longer. Instead, I was feeling confident and was looking forward to getting stuck in. I really enjoy work now.
Thank you Mary x

Arti Kakkad

Testimonials. BRUXISM-TEETH

BRUXISM - H.P. Milton Keynes - April 2018

"I originally went to see Mary as frankly, I had had enough of grinding my teeth whilst I sleep. Suffering from bruxism for over 10 years I have had to wear a gum shield every night. My grinding had gotten so bad though that it was disturbing my sleep, leaving me feeling constantly tired throughout the day and my jaw aching terribly.

Mary spent time getting to know me and more importantly, understand the way I think and behave. This I think enabled her to focus in on the root causes and in just one session, deal with them accordingly. The subsequent night saw me have the most restful sleep I had had for years.

I have been so impressed that I have continued to see Mary, both to deal with some other issues I have wanted to address, and just to have some high quality, deep relaxation sessions. I always leave the sessions full of confidence and energy, to the point that I would swear I am standing a few inches taller!

What impresses me most though is that for each session it is clear that Mary has invested a considerable amount of time beforehand, working on programs that are tailored specifically to me. For me, the positive results speak for themselves."

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Don't Worry - Be Happy!

Happiness Project - Happy Lady from Milton Keynes - April 2018
"When I first met Mary I was at a very low point. I had recently retired but was not enjoying life. I was so stressed that I had severe pains in my joints and muscles. I didn't know what to do. Mary immediately put me at ease and reassured me that she could help. Together we found I had issues stretching back to my childhood, with several traumatic events picked up along the way. There is also a very difficult Mother influencing my life.

With Mary's help I was able to put the past where it belonged - I could move forward with confidence - the "real" me was allowed to surface. She has helped me find a new level of self-confidence and self esteem. I am happy - a true deep down happiness. I have more energy and determination.

I had three sessions with Mary and know I would happily go back if I need to.

Thank you Mary for all of your help"

Andy, aged Fifty Four and Three Quarters - Weight Loss Programme

"Following a long weekend away with my wife I weighed in and had gained 8 pounds in four days, it was at this point after years of Yo Yo diets I decided I needed professional help.

Many years previous I had successfully stopped smoking via Hypnotherapy so I scanned the Internet for a local Therapist and was lucky enough to find Mary Bowmer.

It was at this point my life changed for the better and has continued to get better ever since.

Mary assessed my problems during a very long phone call (with no charge) it was immediately apparent that I had found the right person to help me.

To cut a long story short when I met Mary 10 weeks ago I was 4 stone overweight, up to date I have lost 32 pounds and still progressing at an average of 2 pounds per week.

Unbelievably I am not on a diet, I eat and drink what I want when I want but I do carry out portion control to maintain the weight loss.

Mary did not physically remove over 2 stone of fat from my body and Mary did not wave a magic wand at me, I did it myself, fat old Andy did it.

What Mary did was supply the information and tools required for me to succeed, I do not have enough words to express how grateful I am to this Lady.

Mary has my contact phone number and I am more than willing to speak to anybody who wants a reference for Mary.

Kind Regards

Gill - Anxiety
I would like to thank Mary from the bottom of my heart for getting me through a very dark time in my life. Mary made me feel worthwhile again and able to cope with every day life. I went to Mary with very bad anxiety issues, where I was having difficulty getting up in the morning and couldn't get myself to work or even to the supermarket. Life was pretty miserable.
Thanks to Mary I now have my confidence back and I'm back at work and leading a normal life again. Thank you Mary.

Susan - Anxiety
"Mary is a very skilled practitioner who helped me in my journey to overcoming my anxieties and destructive thought processes. Mary facilitated a safe and comfortable environment, which was conducive to making the changes necessary.
I was delighted and amazed by the changes in my feelings and behaviour to a more positive state, which now makes my life more enjoyable!"

Kitty - Attention Deficit Disorder and Chronic Anxiety
"I cannot thank Mary enough for all the help that she has given me. She is an amazing BWRT practioner as well as a very talented hypnotherapist. The BWRT sessions that Mary has done with me have been extremely effective in helping me cope better with my Attention Deficit Disorder and associated anxiety. For all of my life I have faced many difficult challenges due to having Attention Deficit Disorder which includes disorganisation, impulsiveness, the inability to focus, procrastination and chronic lateness. I have always had very low self esteem and I often feel like life is just one big hurdle after another. At times I have found juggling my own mental illness as well as being a single mother to a young child to be quite overwhelming. My chronic lateness and disorganisation meant that on most days trying to get my daughter to school on time was a losing battle and no matter how hard I tried to get her there on time we would always be late. This generated a lot of guilt, anxiety and frustration in me and made me feel like I was failing my child. I finally decided that I needed help with this as I felt too overwhelmed to face the situation alone.

I can honestly say that contacting Mary at Inner Space Therapies is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made. On our first meeting on Skype Mary made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I found her very easy to talk to. I felt that I was really able to open up about my problems in complete confidence and without the fear of being judged.

After having just a few sessions of BWRT with Mary I could start to see amazing results. I couldn't believe it when one morning soon after one of our BWRT sessions I woke up full of energy and managed to do all my morning chores before it was even time for my daughter to wake up for school. By the time my daughter was awake I was already up and dressed and ready to go. That morning we made it to the school not only on time but we were the first ones there. That was about three months ago now and we have not been late since. I have a lot of faith in Mary's work and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. If you are in any doubt as to whether Inner Space Therapies would help you, I would definitely say go for it and see how it can change your life for the better."

Becky - Toilet Anxiety
"Hypnotherapy and BWRT have really helped me live my life!
I didn't think anyone could help me before I met Mary, I had given up hope.
Then my mum told me to try this and I finally took the risk , I am so pleased I did.
My Toliet anxiety stopped me travelling, I wouldn't get on a train or do any car trips unless I was driving, it was beating me.
I am happy to say with Mary's help I did a 5hr car journey twice! Also a 3hr train journey for a weekend away, there and back.
I can not believe how far I have come!
I can't thank Mary enough!
I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone with anxiety, also she helps me with pain management due to a back problem I have.
Thank you so much"

Weight Management - Ongoing Changes
Mary is a lovely person and I have found my hypnotherapy sessions to be very helpful. While it is no panacea, I have already started to make some important changes as a result and I already feel these to be ongoing. She has a very professional yet friendly manner and I found it easy to trust her and relax during the sessions. I was advised about some very useful, practical techniques. I did experience hypnosis and it felt extremely relaxing. Mary is very informed about the science underpinning the hypnotherapy processes and was very engaged and interested in my progress. I would recommend her to others.

Weight Management Programme
I found the course to be very effective & it has helped me tremendously as I did have some issues that I could not overcome myself. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, you were very professional & I found you to be very friendly. I cannot thank you enough.

Binge Eating
I've found the session really helpful and affective. This is the first time in years I have felt
positive and free from binges and can finally achieve my goals. Binging isn't something I
think of now and I feel relieved. Ive also found the session so interesting hearing about
how the brain works and why we binge. Thank you so much!

Social Anxiety
Working with Mary has really helped me. By tackling my problems on a more fundamental level I have noticed a real change in a very short space of time.
(Name withheld)

Chris from Hornchurch
"I enjoyed the hypnotherapy, it was very relaxing and I always felt great afterwards. I learnt to take control of my cravings and keep the image of what I wanted to become in my mind which saw me through my weight loss. What is different is that I no longer have cravings for cakes and desserts and do not feel deprived when eating healthy food. Now I enjoy my healthy meals as much as I enjoyed cream cakes before the hypnotherapy. I’ve lost 1.5 stone and can get into clothes I haven’t worn for 10years. I would and have recommended you to others."

Julie - Guilt and PTSD - (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Julie came to see me in a state of stress about the feeling of guilt that remained with her for two years after the death of her mother. Somehow she felt that she was responsible for her mother's death, when clearly, she was not. Julie had also suffered a horrible trauma some years ago and the death of her mother triggered upsetting flashbacks to this terrible time in her life. It caused her to give up her job and she lost the income she relied upon. She felt that her whole life was on hold as she couldn't think straight; those awful memories kept her trapped in a loop of trauma, as if it was happening all over again, and again, and again. Julie loved the sessions and was so enthusiastic each time, despite her emotional state. After three sessions of hypnotherapy, Julie was able to get on with her life remembering the good times with her mother with only feelings of love; her mind became clear so she could start enjoying life again; she looked forward instead of backwards and now feels ready to look for a new job. This is what she said in her note:

"Mary is such a lovely and warm hearted person who is very good at what she does. As soon as I met Mary I felt at ease and comfortable and was able to express my problems. And, I shall be going back for a top up! I would 100% recommend Mary for any problem. Thanks a million Mary. Julie/Brentwood" September 2015

Luis - Anxiety
Luis used to suffer from debilitating anxiety. When he came to see me first, he had been severely restricted in how he lived his life. He couldn't travel far and feared leaving his home in case he suffered a panic attack. He was unable to walk his daughter to school, travel by train or drive to town. Since working together, his life has changed for the better. His own self-assessment shows how hypnotherapy has helped:

"While I was on holidays I did not have any problem, no anxiety at all. When I got back to the UK I went to Central London with my family (that was the biggest test ) and I managed to control my thoughts and anxieties during the journey. I have been walking and driving also without any problems. Sometimes the thought comes to my head, but using the techniques that I have learned from you, I manage to keep things under control.

So for now, fingers crossed, everything is OK. Any negative change and I will contact you immediately.

Kind Regards, Luis"

Jody - Needle Phobia
I was phobic of needles/injections for as long as I can remember. I do have one memory when I was about 4 or 5 years old having some sort of injection at school. All the mums were there with their children, I was fine at the time, never knew really what was going on. Until it was 'that' child's turn. Oh my dear God did that child scream and howl! I think it was the point when the child had to be 'held down' that I thought, "I think I will skip this thank you!" Much to my dismay it was my turn next and I was petrified of what I just witnessed, I had it done but don't remember much after that.

As I've got older, some 20 years later I do believe it was the fear of entrapment and sheer terror! I think when your a child, you do absorb so much more and your mind only thinks in limited ways. That said, that's how my journey of 'needle phobia' started.

I began to feel more scared and more upset as the years went on. I became petrified of becoming pregnant with my long term partner because that would involve needles and lots of them! I was due a tetanus injection as mine had expired but I avoided that. I really wanted a tattoo but couldn't because I was too scared of the needle and the pain. I also avoided going abroad to anywhere where you had to be vaccinated before you went.

This was literally taking over my life and I had to do something about it and fast!!!

So I decided "I think I'm going to try and give blood" thinking that this may be fear busting and help me overcome my phobia. I booked the appointment with confidence, went along with my fiancé and best friend, got into the building and then the panic set in. I peaked into the room where everyone was sitting down having there blood took and that was it. I couldn't even go in the room, started hyperventilating and was literally crying on the floor. That was it I thought. I've failed and let myself down. I spoke to the nurse in there and she said to come back another time as they couldn't even do the finger prick test in my state. I walked out with my tail between my legs and went home. Ashamed and even more frightened than I was before.

This is when I decided enough was enough and I had to try a different approach to combat this phobia.

This is when I got in contact with Mary. A local hypnotherapist within my area. She was amazing. So friendly and personable, I discussed everything with her from when I was 5 at school to being the age I was then and everything that had happened in between.

We discussed what we were going to do on a weekly basis and agreed on how many treatments would be suitable for me. My first hypnotherapy experience was amazing. I felt so relaxed, secure and somewhat happy afterwards. It was a lot of visualising and changing the way you think to try and banish this phobia from me. I was so chilled after my experiences with Mary, I often asked if I could take her home!

On completion of my treatments, I felt different. I'd say still somewhat cautious, but definitely different. I suppose I just had to put myself in a needle situation at some point. I didn't want to force myself but I knew at some point I'd have to try!

I can officially say I have smashed my fear and am no longer phobic! I have had two blood tests, two injections, a dye injection into my shoulder joint (prior to an MRI scan for my dislocated shoulder) as well as an ear piercing and my long overdue tattoo which you will see pictured.

Always remember there are people out there to help you and you're not alone. Mary Bowmer literally changed my life. That sounds over the top but she did! I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone especially from Mary.

You've probably heard this all before but if I can smash my fear you certainly can! Don't let a stupid phobia hold you back anymore.

Jody Overington

Mary is lovely, I felt completely comfortable with her. I felt safe and in control at all times. The experience of being hypnotized was enlightening and I would be pleased to see Mary again if I need further therapy.

Robina Scott
I was prepared to make a round journey every week of 180 miles to see Mary. Her enthusiasm, positivity, experience and helpful tools were worth it. She walked the extra mile with me every time. What I really liked too was that she was open and flexible to whatever I threw at her to work with.

The biggest result is that I have shifted very old patterns of holding on – to things, people, ideas, ways of behaving. I started decluttering big-time thanks to her – and am breaking a life-time of entrenchment.

Thanks for your skills, professionalism and kindness Mary!

Name withheld, client with a sickness phobia
Mary instantly made me feel relaxed and welcome from the start of my hypnotherapy sessions. Following my sessions, I was able to think more logically about things which concerned me and I now have a more positive outlook on life. I would happily go back to Mary for top-up sessions should I need to in the future.

Hassan, IT Consultant, Sleep problems, London.
Thank you Mary. You've been excellent and brought about tangible changes. And been very professional with these summaries and attachments. I really want to thank you for your help. Thank you!

Madeleine, Milton Keynes - Weight Loss Programme
Mary is an incredibly talented hypnotherapist who has changed my life. I am 21 years old and my weight has been a problem in my life since I can last remember. From a young teenager I had been uncomfortable in my skin and always wondered why couldn’t I have a beautiful figure like all my friends? It is a dream of mine to be able to walk around comfortably in a bikini and wear tight clothing as this is something I have never been able to do, and I will get there. My weight was like a black cloud over my life and due to Mary, it is slowly but surely disappearing.

I have lost 17 pounds since the start of my weight loss programme and I wish to lose another two stone which I believe I can do due to Mary’s help and advice. I have had to throw out clothes due to them being too baggy on me now; it is an amazing feeling and has really boosted my confidence and I feel proud! During my sessions when I have been under hypnosis when Mary was planting the seeds in my mind to change my way of thinking forever, I occasionally cried and the rush of emotion I felt was powerful and positive. It is an incredibly unique experience and one I recommend to those that feel they need help with weight loss and positive thinking.

Another issue of mine was confidence and I had piled on a lot of weight at University due to lack of exercise because I was far too self conscious to work out in front of anybody or go to the gym. I now attend at least three gym classes every week and will continue to do this for the rest of my life and am determined to keep pushing myself to do more. I work out confidently in front of people, stand at the front of the class and am not thinking about if anybody is watching me. Mary taught me that people are there to concentrate on themselves and get fit, rather than the whole world being bothered about me, staring at me and caring about what I look like.

Mary has also assisted in my positive thinking as I felt my weight was going to be an issue in my life forever and I didn’t see a way out! I feel happier than I have in years and believe I can get to my goal weight, I will achieve the goals we have set, and have already conquered some! I am very aware of what I am eating now and the food diaries throughout the weight loss programme have definitely helped with this. I realised it is very important to not eat processed foods and eat fresh healthy meals and snacks! Before when ‘dieting’ I’d always think when will this be over? But it should not be like that, I now eat a much healthier diet and I enjoy it- it is a life style not a ‘diet’, as a diet only lasts a certain amount of time. Even though I am not eating all the fatty foods like I used to, I am satisfied with the foods I am eating rather than feeling fed up and just wanting to eat rubbish, like how I would thinking when dieting.

Thank you Mary once again, you have changed my life and I am determined to reach my goal weight and size that we set in my first session. I will get to where I want to be and cannot wait to show off my beautiful body because I will get there, all thanks to you!

Annie, Romford - Weight Loss Programme
Hi Mary,
Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given me in our hypnotherapy sessions. I now feel that finally my excessive eating is under control and I have started to lose weight. My problem wasn't with my choice of food, just the amount of it. I never left anything and certainly didn't recognize the signals of being full. That's all changed now, I start off with smaller portions and happily leave something on the plate at every meal. The information sheets that you gave me are very helpful, and the pedometer idea works brilliantly.
I found the hypnosis very relaxing and slept so well after each session. I'm feeling on top of the world right now, as well as being lighter and healthier so thank you once again.
P.S. Think I will have to come to you again to deal with the phobia that we discussed. How are you fixed for October?

Martin, Billericay - Weight Loss Programme

  • Mary I would like to say thank you for all your help over the short period I have known you.

    I have struggled with my weight loss for many years along with many resulting problems associated with being overweight, I have tried most weight lost programs at some stage in my life which only resulted in weight gain.

    Not only am I feeling healthy I feel better in myself, clothes that I bought hoping to fit into (in my dreams) now fit and some will NEVER fit me again as they are TOOOO BIG, the strain on my back has eased resulting in less medication, the acid reflux is almost non-existent now.

    All the above has been gained without feeling deprived or unhappy, my life style has not changed just the way and what I eat, something that sounds so simple which is extremely difficult in practice has become a basic way of life for me, like the man teaching us to cross the road STOP, LOOK, LISTEN to yourself before you eat something.

    You have given me the tools to help me succeed and my family and I are eternally grateful for your help.

    Kindest Regards


    Dee Flatley, Northampton - Stroke Victim
    "A year ago, I had a mini stroke while driving to work. It was a very traumatic experience, and extremely frightening. I was on a dual carriageway and lost all my sight for a little while. I was in hospital for four days and off work for six weeks. While I was in hospital, I had lots of tests including a brain scan and a neck scan and everything was clear. They concluded that a fat globule went across my optic nerve, which prevented me from being able to see for a
    few minutes. I was assured that everything was now clear and it was very unlikely to happen again.

    Before I went back to work, I had to get in the car and drive the same route I drove when it happened. That was my problem. I have a 45 min drive to work every day, and when I got
    in the car my whole body would start to shake, my limbs turned to jelly, and I would get blotches in front of my eyes. I had to get back to work, as I hadn’t been paid for six weeks, I went back to my Doctor and he said he wasn’t surprised I was having this reaction, as I had
    been through a terrible experience, and he assured me that all my tests were clear and I was medically ok. That didn’t help me. I next rang the hospital and spoke to the stroke nurse who very kindly came out to my home to see me. We spent a couple of hours talking about
    what happened, but I found that really made things worse, as I was reliving the experience again.

    Then Mary rang. I live in Northampton, and Mary lives in Essex, so we couldn’t actually meet up. Mary suggested Hypnotherapy sessions over the phone. I was desperate by now, and I would have tried anything. I had about five sessions over the phone with Mary, and she changed my life. I think she gave me my life back. I don’t remember every session, but I have kept hold of a few anchors that she gave me to use while I am driving. Even after my first session, I felt better. I felt at last someone was helping me. And now, today, a year later, I still use what I was taught, when I get a bit nervous.

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU MARY, I think you saved my life. That sounds a bit dramatic, but I can assure you, I wouldn’t be driving again without Mary’s help."

    Sue Williams, Woburn Sands - Migraine Sufferer
    “I WAS a chronic migraine sufferer, 3-4 per month, lasting 3-4 days each attack), It took a day or two to recover from the migraine and then I would start again with another attack. I was not living just existing. I had tried acupuncture, cranial osteopathy, paid privately to see a migraine consultant and nothing really helped. Hypnotherapy was the only thing I hadn’t tried (my husband said oh no, more money down the drain!)

    I had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and now have got my life back on track. I couldn’t believe this was really working, I had been suffering for almost 20 years and now I am able to plan weekends away and live a normal life. I would thoroughly recommend Mary to any migraine sufferer, she is a talented individual keen to improve your general well being.

    I occasionally get migraines but the pain is greatly reduced and it only lasts for less than 24 hours. I am able to carry on working and function normally (this was unheard of previously as I would be in bed for 3 days)”

    Marianne, Store Manager, Brentwood High Street - Migraines and Weight Loss
    “I had sessions with Mary for migraine relief and weight loss. I found Mary a highly professional, helpful and caring practitioner. The results of my time with Mary were outstanding. I have lost over 11/2 stone and have managed to reduce my migraines to one a month. I would thoroughly recommend Mary, you will find your time with her inspirational and a life changing experience.”

    Angela Wilshin, Chelmsford - Sleep
    "I visited Mary with sleep problems. After one session my condition improved. The CD Mary provided was invaluable as I could listen to the hypnotherapy whenever I needed. I sleep well all the time now, even though I have hot flushes.

    I then asked Mary for help with an area of my life causing me anxiety. Again she quickly helped me to change my outlook about this and feel really positive about it. After this I was able to tackle the 'problem' area and was very successful. Mary's approach is thorough and professional. She is easy to talk to and very well trained. I would recommend her to everyone."

    Lesley from Brentwood, Essex - Anxiety
    "I saw Mary as I was feeling anxious and low in myself. I must say after our first meeting with the help of Mary in her kind and warm way I came out feeling so much better in myself. I had homework to do but I didn't mind as I knew it was in my best interests and for my own good to do it.

    By the time I finished my course of 4 sessions with Mary I feel so much more relaxed and can now get on with my life without worries or negative thoughts taking over my mind. I also feel if I ever needed a back up one off session to give me a boost I could call Mary anytime and it would be no problem.

    I would definitely recommend the sessions Mary offers if you need a little help with any problems you are going through."

    Adam Eason, Hypnosis Author and Trainer, Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis
    “Mary Bowmer is an incredibly warm, giving and professional clinical practitioner. Her high level skills in Hypnosis and NLP are exemplified with her success in helping people make significant changes in their lives and the very high standard attained within her studies. I highly recommend her.” Adam Eason Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis


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