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Weight Loss #01

The perfect weight

What is the perfect weight for you? I can tell you what it is not, and that is what any celebrity looks like on TV, nor what your best friend looks like nor what you weighed when you were growing up. The perfect weight for you is the weight that you feel good with, what your body tells you is right, what your clothes tell you is right. The scales are not an indication of your perfect weight.

There are so many different diets out there to choose from, is it any wonder there is confusion as to what to do next? Some people yo-yo diet most of their adult life, some people go to extreme lengths to get rid of unwanted fat and may put their health at risk.

Cravings and food addictions can rule your life - you can turn cravings around to work for you and not against you. You can free yourself of being a food addict.

Chris from Hornchurch says: "I enjoyed the hypnotherapy, it was very relaxing and I always felt great afterwards. I learnt to take control of my cravings and keep the image of what I wanted to become in my mind which saw me through my weight loss. What is different is that I no longer have cravings for cakes and desserts and do not feel deprived when eating healthy food. Now I enjoy my healthy meals as much as I enjoyed cream cakes before the hypnotherapy. I’ve lost 1.5 stone and can get into clothes I haven’t worn for 10years. I would and have recommended you to others."

Weight Loss #02

Hypnotherapy is different

With Hypnotherapy and NLP, we can look at the whole package - YOU. Carrying some extra weight may be a symptom of something else, for example, boredom, making the wrong choices, having negative or limiting beliefs about yourself, filling the gap which you call hunger but really that gap may need to be filled with something else - like comfort, peace, love, inspiration, motivation or something only known to you.

We look at your:

  • Goal
  • Image of yourself
  • Eating Habits
  • Beliefs about yourself and about food
  • Attitude towards exercise
  • Triggers for eating
  • Things that may have sabotaged your attempts in the past
  • and more...

    We can devise a plan that will be individually tailored to suit your needs, which will be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic, and
  • Timely

    Together we can track your progress and identify any obstacles in the way of your success.

    I can give you specific tasks to do on a daily and weekly basis to ensure effective implementation of the plan.

    You don't have to remain stuck with a shape or weight you are not happy with.

    Hypnotherapy and NLP can help enormously to make changes happen quickly, easily and more effectively than diet and exercise alone.

    I can teach you the skills and strategies that will help you along the way.

    All it takes is for you to want the changes to happen, and be committed to making it happen.

  • Benefits

    There will be some benefits that are only known to you, and these are the most important.

    When you begin a course of Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions for weight loss, you can expect to:

  • Be healthier
  • Have more energy
  • Deal with cravings
  • Feel more in control of your eating
  • At last ditch the yo-yo dieting
  • Be happier with the right choices
  • Feel more confident

    and much more.....

    If you would like to book a free consultation with me, you may contact me by clicking this link.

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