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“Feeling Flat. Just Nothing. Can’t be bothered. Would like to curl up and go to sleep. Don’t want to do anything. Not interested. I Don’t Care. Go away.” These are some of the things depressed people say.

Depression can descend upon a person for a variety of reasons: death of a loved one; the break-up of a relationship; the loss of a job; financial problems; living with someone who is already depressed; pain and illness; addictions; or other reasons.

Depression can mean time off work, lack of strength, low energy levels, or no zest for life. Some people can put on a happy face and hide what they really feel from the outside world. Depression is no longer something to be ashamed of, gone are the days when people thought it was some kind of personality flaw. You don’t have to be a victim of depression any longer. Life is too short. If you can’t really appreciate the things you used to enjoy and life is getting you down, and if this has gone on far too long, it’s time to do something different. (Your doctor can diagnose depression by asking you some questions).

Contributing Factors
There are three primary contributing factors to depression and these are biological, psychological and social.

Depression can be managed in the majority of sufferers with medication, psychotherapy or both (Yapko, 1977). Anti-depressant pills may help a lot of people to cope, but there is another side to the coin which should not be overlooked. Psychotherapy can put the spotlight on any major contributing factors– how you think and explain things to yourself. Cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal approaches to treatment have been show to be highly effective in implementing new, more constructive and positive styles of thinking and behaving.

Surviving and getting through life is not enough. Happiness is available to all and it is your right to be happy, to enjoy life to the full and to be able to appreciate the simple things in life.

The Mind-Body Connection
The mind-body connection is unfortunately underestimated by many people. To get an idea of what this means, all you have to do is think about and focus on an upcoming exciting holiday or other event, really imagine it’s the day of the event and you might even smile and get those butterflies in your tummy as you call up the feelings. Equally, think of something really sad, like the death of a loved one and you may shed a tear. Thoughts alone are not the only issue; unhelpful thinking styles and ingrained limiting beliefs can affect the quality of life by creating the biology that could lead to depression and illness.

A depressed person often feels flat or sad and doesn’t get those exciting feelings that many take for granted. Hypnotherapy can alter that state bring about happier and more upbeat confident states, helping the person to more readily address the other parts of the problem.

Anti-depressants can be a life saver to people who need them and if the problem can be solved by medication, that’s great. Other people may not want to take pills, or the pills alone are not enough, for those people, thankfully there are alternative routes.

The Benefits of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy for Depression:

  • It empowers you to take control of your own situation;
  • It works alongside any medication in a complimentary way;
  • It builds confidence & self esteem;
  • It teach the skills to manage and prevent depressive episodes;
  • You learn how to manage and prevent stress;
  • How to build and maintain good relationships;
  • You learn acceptance of yourself and of others;
  • How to focus on solutions rather than problems;
  • How to look at things differently;
  • You raise your frustration tolerance ;
  • You learn how to control impulses;
  • You become more aware of cause and effect.

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    Confident people seem to radiate the kind of confidence and power other people can sense, just by walking into a room. A vibrant energy radiates from within.

    You can connect with that bright light of confidence shining from deep within you to bring out the best of you, to be able to express who you really are, to enable you to take those forward steps towards your goals, and, at the same time attract others who want be around you.

    You can Let Go of Your Past

    How long can you suppress that deep-rooted, natural confidence inside you? how long more will you allow this restriction to hold you back in life, sabotaging your progress time after time?

    Regardless of what happened in your past, hypnotherapy can create new pathways in your mind that will allow you to see that you have always been a confident and successful person. All you have to do is allow this natural ability to express itself.

    The Confident New You

    It’s time to tune into your unconscious mind now and awaken the power within you, so you can:

  • follow the path you choose in life without letting things get in your way;

  • heighten your performance at work, at home and in your social life;

  • be the best you can be, in whatever you choose to do;

  • speak to anybody, anywhere, with confidence and ease;

  • feel integrated and balanced within yourself;

  • change old unhelpful thought patterns to new constructive thinking habits;

  • speak the powerful language your subconscious mind understands and responds to;

  • use your own self hypnotic abilities to be the person you want to be;

  • see clearly what you need to do and how to do it;

  • feel relaxed and natural when you access your inner confidence.


    Together we will create your own personal roadmap to confidence. I will take you into hypnotic trance and plant new suggestions in your mind, creating clear signposts that your subconscious can follow; you mind will automatically respond to new possibilities and opportunities in a confident positive manner, integrating new thinking patterns and habits with ease.

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    A typical Stop Smoking client may arrive at my door as a last resort. I have seen defeat, guilt and stress on the faces of most people who have tried and failed to give up. He/she will probably already have tried the patches, the electric cigarette, the gum or the lozenges or read a book about how to do it. The body language of such a client tells me more than words could ever say. There may be additional worries about weight gain, anxiety attacks or stress if they do manage to give up.

    Psychological Benefits
    Recent research is now showing that stopping smoking may boost mental health. A recent review of studies suggests that people who stop smoking have less anxiety, depression, and stress compared with those who continue to smoke. [Ref: “Change in mental health after smoking cessation: systematic review and meta-analysis” (Published 13 February 2014 - BMJ 2014;348:g1151)]

    We have known the benefits on physical health for many years, but now psychological health is shown to benefit too once those that give up are through the withdrawal stage.
    The new research has looked at 26 different studies, measuring levels of anxiety, depression, stress, positive attitude, and quality of life. Most of the studies followed the people for several months or years.

    What the new study says
    Compared with people who continued to smoke, those who stopped smoking scored better in all the areas of mental health studied. The improvements were similar regardless of whether people had been diagnosed with a specific illness, such as depression, or not.

    What does this mean for me?
    If you would like to stop smoking but are concerned about how this might affect your mood or level of stress, these findings are encouraging.

    Hypnotherapy has been shown to reprogramme the mind with new beliefs, so that you don’t just stop smoking, you effectively get help to become a non-smoker.
    Many smokers are in denial of health issues, they just ignore them. Hypnotherapy brings you face to face with your fears and usually, and when it comes to battle, you have a better chance of winning with hypnotherapy.

    The biggest motivation comes from your most emotionally powerful reason to quit. Maybe you want to look and feel younger - you might be noticing more wrinkles or saggy skin than you would like to see; you are probably wasting a lot of money on cigarettes per month and would rather do something else with the money; maybe you try avoid physical contact with your children because of your breath or the smell of smoke on your skin and find you are missing out on precious moments. Only you can find that motivation. Once you do, the rest is straight forward.

    If you think it’s going to be hard, it will be hard. However if you ask for help, there are ways of making the path to non-smoking so much easier. Hypnotherapy helps you to create the mindset of being a winner.

    Cancer Research
    Cancer Research UK says smoking kills five times more people than road accidents, overdoses, murder, suicide and HIV together. Stopping smoking has immediate health benefits. It lowers your blood pressure and reduces your pulse after only 20 minutes. Within eight hours, oxygen and carbon monoxide levels in your blood return to normal. After two days your sense of taste and smell start to return. Long-term benefits include reduced risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and other cancers.

    Action Plan
    If you are already looking at ways to quit, look no further – book an appointment today and choose freedom. Contact me now

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